Project-Based Experiential Learning for Sustainability Embedded Higher Education

About the project (leaflet download)

Time: 12:30pm – 1:30pm, Monday 16 February 2015

Location: Room 6-12B (Conference Room), Haking Wong Building, The University of Hong Kong

About the seminar (leaflet download)

Experiential learning and project-based learning share their pedagogic foundation, while there is insu¬fficient research on exploring their integration for enhancing student learning in real-life projects. This gap in knowledge is coupled with a paucity of sustainability pedagogy in higher education. While project-based learning and experiential learning are sometimes found to be used interchangeably both in literature as well as in practice, there are differences between the two, particularly in the areas of construction and sustainability. This seminar reports on a HKU Teaching Development Grants (TDG) project in which Project-Based Learning (PjBL) and Experiential Learning (EL) are integrated to enhance learning in sustainability embedded higher education. PjBL may involve real-life projects, with examples like case studies, field trips and site visits. EL may include in-class demonstrations, field trips, site visits and other forms of hands-on student participation as part of the learning process but may not necessarily be based on real-life projects. The project team and supporters will share the research findings as well as the latest thinking and practice of project-based experiential learning for sustainability education across the University.

Registration of seminar

Attending this seminar is FREE, but advanced online registration is required on the first-come first served basis via

For enquiry on this seminar, please contact Dr Kelwin Wong (, or Dr. Wei Pan (, +852 2859 2671) of the Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Hong Kong.

Deadline of registration: Thursday 12 February 2015.