1st HKZCP Seminar (6th Jan 2015)


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Invitation to Participate in Hong Kong Zero Carbon Partnership Questionnaire Survey

The public and building professionals are cordially invited to participate in a questionnaire survey of the Hong Kong Zero Carbon Partnership. This survey aims to ……   Read more


Hong Kong Zero Carbon Partnership: A Public and Stakeholder Engagement Initiative for Building towards Zero Carbon

On 06 January 2015 nearly 200 professionals from the HKSAR Government, the building industry, institutions and academia witnessed the launch of the Hong Kong Zero Carbon Partnership at the Zero Carbon Building, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong……   Read more


Zero Carbon Buildings: International Practice and Stakeholder Engagement

This event will formally launch the Hong Kong Zero Carbon Partnership and set out the project plan. There will be a blend of……. Read more

Public and Stakeholder Engagement for Building towards Zero Carbon

The zero carbon building approach has been adopted in many countries and regions as a government strategy for addressing climate change. However, how stakeholders.......Read more

Zero Carbon Buildings: State-of-the-Art International Research and Development

In this research zero carbon buildings are interpreted as complex socio-technical systems that embrace low or zero carbon products, innovative processes and multiple stakeholders. A portal is being developed……Read more

Project-Based Experiential Learning for Sustainability Embedded Higher Education

Experiential learning and project-based learning share their pedagogic foundation, while there is insufficient research on exploring their integration for enhancing student learning in real-life projects. This gap in knowledge is coupled…….Read more